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unmark QSL received

Hi, I have accidentally selected QSL Received (CTRL + R) on a few QSOs and I can't see any way to remove that. I tried File > Edit details  and removing the date listed in QSL received date and QSL sent date, but that didn't help. Also, selecting QSL Received again doesn't flip it off.
 I'm using cqrlog_1.5.4_amd64 (though it says 1.5.3 in Help > About) on Fedora 16

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Filter the QSO'S that you

Filter the QSO'S that you want to change, then, file group edit, change to what you want, click apply.. HTH Tom K8WDX


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lol. I had already filtered

lol. I had already filtered on QSL received, then I selected the one QSO I wanted to change and did what you said and it removed  QSL Recieved on ALL of the ones listed. I guess I'll have to restore from backup.

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Re:lol. I had already filtered

Hi John,
select all QSO you want to remove QSL_R info. Hit F4 and Group edit window will appear. In the first drop down box choose QSL received and the second leave empty. Then click to OK button. It should works.
73 Petr, OK2CQR