TRX Control of TenTec Argonaut V

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TRX Control of TenTec Argonaut V

I can't connect to the TRX Manager. The settings are correct, I can use fldigi through the remote interface. I'm using:

Rig id 1607
1200 baud
8 data
1 stop
no parity
no handshake
Different polling times from 50 to 500

I'd appreciate any suggestions

Thanks Ray AA3DW

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TRX Control of TenTec Argonaut V

What version of hamlib are you using? We strongly recommend the newest 1.2.9 or you can use the CVS build of 1.2.10. If your problem persists, provide a debug dump, please.

Edit your cqrlog.cfg (located in the log_data subfolder) and put a line into [Program] setion with Debug=1. It should look so:


Start the program from the terminal window with a command:

cqrlog > err.log

resulting in an err.log containing debug info. We hope that we will be able to find the problem in this file.

73 Martin, OK1RR