QSL Image Download from eQSL

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QSL Image Download from eQSL

I recently came across a windoze (runs ok in WINE) utility from WD5EAE that logs into your eQSL account and downloads al your received QSL images from both your inbox and your archive.

This set me thinking, that this would be a brilliant addition to the CQRLog download eQSL feature. If CQRLog as part of the eQSL Download could create a folder on the CALL_DATA folder for each QSL received and name the downloaded image qsl_call_front.jpg that would take away the pain from many people who have far more QSO's in eQSL that I do and be a unique feature for eQSL.

I know that Martin is busy now with CQRTest, (which I wish him all the best of luck with) but if you get some time at some stage to take a look at this I think it would be welcomed from many quarters.