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I know the development of the contesting log has started, but would it not be easier to make a contest mode for CQRlog?, When I participate in a contest, I have a second log set up called contest, and I log that way, then merge the log into my daily log, and save the file for future use, like putting into fldigi and converting it to the format that it needs to be for uploading etc, what I am saying is why reinvent the wheel, when you can just tweak it a bit. I dont know if this is a good idea or not. I am not a contester, at best I participate a bit, or just go fishing until the contest is over hi hi... Just a thought....Tom K8WDX

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Re: CQRtest

I don't think so, Tom. We spent several hours in discussion about contest logger. There is a strict demand of top performance contesting software which must meet some very special ergonomic measures allowing to manage a really huge CW and SSB pile-up. We must count key strokes, typing must be minimized. A lot of functions must be automated but we know, that any automation turns very easily to a nightmare :-) With sincere apology, SO2R and networking capability is much more important than integration with fldigi. The user interface must be very simple and intuitive, keeping in mind the highly stressed operator in a sleep deprivation etc. Finally, no doubt CQRtest will find a group of users which will be different from the CQRlog (daily logger) users - there is a lot of "contest only" guys, now abandoned (and forced to use Windoze), but they are summa sumarum more active than many of us...

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Agree, just a thought, I have

Agree, just a thought, I have a friend who has a station set up, 2 towers 4 beams, just for contesting, that is the only time he is on the air, I think that some of the more experienced programmers out there also need to work on getting Microham products to work with Linux, this is a very popular item for those Dx'ers and contestors. Tom


Thats great news

I haven't been on the forum much in the past several months.. I missed this announcement and given it has it's own separate website (and forum), I didn't notice it.
I'm very excited by this. I use CQRLog for my daily logging and use it for some contests using the comment field for now. Having CQRTest will be a great addition.
I'm looking forward to beta testing. I have a few contest friends who will want to beta as well.
Marc-Andre, VE2EVN

Extending cqrlog vs cqtest

Hi Martin et al,
I agree for the need for a contest log for Linux equal to N1MM - better under Linux :-) and this will be a valuable contribution to ham radio. However there are a big group of hams who come on to a contest and work a hundred or so stations just to keep the numbers up and all they need is an incremental serial or a fixed message to send, a field for the exchange - already we can set 599, and facilities to save a Cabrillo. The Cabrillo header can be manually filled in on a pop up screen as we already do this. It is a fairly small addition to CQRlog and will never take the place of a serious contest logger but for the occasional contest or local inter club contests etc it will do the job nicely.
At present I open a separate log for the contest, write the whole exchange in the rst fields and at the end export as adif. I then use my friends Windows DXLab software to make a Cabrillo and manually fill in the header. I don't do serious contests so this works for me but I would love not to have to go to windows for my Cabrillo. Bottom line! Whether CQRLOG is enhanced or not we need CQRtest.
73 de Graeme ZL2APV

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Graeme, no need to use Dxlab

Graeme, no need to use Dxlab to convert, just load your contest log into fldigi, then export, to cabrillo, and you are done. Tom K8 WDX


cqrtest added to AUR (ArchLinux)

CQRTest added to AUR repository in ArchLinux. (git version)

73! de RW6MR

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Re: cqrtest added to AUR (ArchLinux)

This not good idea. It's not complete, doesn't work at all. You can't save QSO, there is no enter qso dialog etc. It's not even something like version 0.01 alpha. Please wait a while, I'm not so fast. Thank you! BTW, CQRTest has it's own website - http://CQRTest.com

73 Petr, OK2CQR