Beta version with new CQ-monitor/Map mode

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Beta version with new CQ-monitor/Map mode

Completely rewritten Cq-monitor/ Wsjtx map with Lazarus standard components. Does not use richmemo unit any more. Seems that previously slowly crowing cpu load is now away. This version can also be compiled with Lazarus v2.0 rcXX
Changes should show up to user with very minimal changes. (if any).

All credits of this change goes to Andreas, DL7OAP, who wrote whole monitor core using stringGrid component.

We have been busy last days with testing this new monitor. Now it seems to work quite well and it is time to get a bit more users to test it and report possible bugs.
When it is confirmed to work ok, it will find it's way as pull request to official version.

Beta test binary 2.3.0-209 with install instructions can be found from usual place
Sources are can be found from, look branch "newmonitor".
Sources against official 002 are in, look branch "newmonitor" also there.

We like to hear your comments!