Uploading log to HamQTH

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Uploading log to HamQTH

When I close my CQRLog, I get a Status Page popping up saying:
Deleting original VK2NRC
Could not delete original QSO data

I do not want to delete this QSO and don't know why I continue to receive this message. It also seems to be preventing my newer QSOs to be automatically uploaded. How can I overcome this?

Uploading log to HamQTH

I do not use HamQTH log, or any other similar logs, but as nobody has not answered I'll try to find something for you.

And that is just by looking at source code.
It seems that "Could not delete original QSO data" comes from "Fatal error" with HamQTH.

Resulting code causing this error can be:

500 : //something wrong with HamQTH server
400 : //QSO rejected
403 : 'Access denied';

or some unlisted error number causes also "Fatal error"

First I would try to connect HamQTH with web browser. Is your user name/password correct and password does not contain any special characters like % ?

Can you feed this qso manually to HamQTH, or can you remove it from there if it already exist?

You can also start cqrlog from command terminal window by typing:

cqrlog debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt

And then close cqrlog (and get the error) and then study file /tmp/debug.txt with text editor, or add it to your next message so we perhaps can see something from that.


This happens also with

This happens also with Clublog, nearly every time
when trying to load logs.


Thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks for your suggestions. Mine has cleared up now and all is well.

HAMQTH and download adi files


After a crash of the pc I lost part of my adi file. I have an online backup to hamqth but I can not download the file to get the whole of my QSO. Do you have an idea to recover this complete file.
Thanks you for your help.
best regard from Didier F1MXE JN05GQ