CQRLOG 1.0 alpha 1 is coming

It’s more than 3 months since our last CQRLOG release. We are not sleeping, we are working on brand new CQRLOG version.

For long time CQRLOG was application suitable to run from user’s home directory. It has advantages but also a few disadvantages. The big disadvantage is that CQRLOG couldn’t be part of distribution’s repositories and a lot of people didn’t have any chance to learn about it. We decided to make big change and leave this concept. Our decision was made around version 0.9.4.

New country files released

Rebuild DXCC statistics after country files update!
Get the updated country files automatically (preferred) or manually here. In this case you must perform a manual update of country files (see program help or here).

Do not forget to rebuild DXCC statistics after country files update. This is the only way to get your stats intact!

The new set of country files reflects these changes. Provisional ADIF number used as follows:

PJ2 Curacao - 517
PJ4 Bonaire - 520
PJ6 Saba & Sint Eustatius - 519
PJ7 Sint Maarten - 518
(the order is the same as in the ARRL official news)

The dissolution of the Netherland Antilles has caused changes to the DXCC List. As per the DXCC rules, the two Netherland Antilles DXCC entities will be deleted and moved to the Deleted Entities List. Four new entities will be added to the DXCC List: (1) Curaçao; (2) Sint Maarten; (3) Saba and St Eustatius, and (4) Bonaire. The event date and time for these changes will be 0400 UTC, October, 10 2010. Confirmations for these new entities will be accepted for credit starting January 1, 2011. Other administrative changes and actions will be announced as they are finalized.
Update: The ADIF numbers of the new PJ entities are now confirmed. No changes needed!

CQRLOG 0.9.4 released (2010-07-20)


  • statusbar in QSO window could be disabled (good for netbook users)
  • program restart after DXCC tables update no longer needed
  • QRZ.COM icon search added to the 'QSO list' window toolbar
  • QRZ.COM icon search added also to the 'New QSO' window to search working station
  • LoTW users visible while working a station (a dedicated icon)
  • window with CW keys added
  • color marked DX cluster spots of LoTW users
  • LoTW confirmed countries now visible also in DX cluster
  • QRZ.COM search - fixed
  • calls were imported in lower case as it was in ADIF file - fixed
  • CQRLOG crashed while saving QTH longer than 60 characters

Download here.

CQRLOG 0.9.3 released (2010-04-04)


  • bandmap entries have now more precise frequency (down to a single Hz) for easier return to own spots
  • possibility to use reverse sideband for CW (CWR) instead of CW
  • the grayline map now uses a transparent overlay for night area visualisation
  • program crashes in Ubuntu 10.04 after openining Preferences window - fixed
  • storing values to grid and county field from membership doesn't work - fixed

Download here.

CQRLOG 0.9.2 released (2010-03-06)


  • ordering by WAZ and ITU added
  • database update now can grab names from previous QSOs
  • 'QSL send' marking option added
  • align of TIME_OFF column fixed
  • looking for callsign with flash produced HTML code - fixed
  • group editing of own locator fixed
  • QTH profiles window doesn't show any records - fixed
  • importing QSLRDATE and QSLSDATE fixed

Download here.


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