How to solve your problem?

Dear CQRLOGers,

we are pleased to develop the program and share our experience with you. You are helping a lot with your input (comments, suggestions and bug reports). Like any other software, there are lots of questions appearing again and again, regardless of the detailed help and many previous comments. Unlike others, we are not intended to say the usual RTFM (Read The Fantastic Manual) but to reply with a particular solution tailored to your situation.

Lacking eQSL support?

There are some complaints concerning lack of support. To my best knowledge, CQRLOG can be used with, however it seems a bit risky to introduce another option which will be considered as 'confirmed'. Now, the confirmation methods uses 'Q' for contacts confirmed with usual paper QSL and 'L' for LoTW confirmations. There is also possible to choose 'Confirmed only' stats for the usual (paper) way, 'LoTW only' for contacts confirmed exclusively via LoTW and both methods together.

New user policy at CQRLOG.COM

There is obligatory to protect our users from spam, email address harvesting, identity theft, etc. Unfortunately, users like CialisTab with an email at became signed-up. Such users were deleted without any warning. This is the reason to introduce a new type of user policy since April, 21, 2009. Now, any new signup should wait until became approved by the site administrator.

The country files update problem

It seems like every other new DXCC table to download doesn't work for me. When I start CQRLog, it asks if I want to download and install. I click Yes. It looks as if the download goes OK and I get a message that the import is complete and to restart the program. I click OK. Exit the program. When I restart the program it asks all over again. I have went through this process a few times with no completed results. I have also manually downloaded, imported, rebuilt and still get a notice to download the latest upon restart. If I wait until the next download, it seems to download, import, etc automatically with success. I feel I have a default installation which in right under my home directory, Ubuntu 8.10 (older Ubuntu did same thing).

The solution is here:

Country files addendum

While searching for Antarctica info I discovered many sources with CE9 prefix assigned to Antarctica. Unfortunately CE9 is used also for South Shetlands. Other prefixes are also ambiguous (R1A, KC4, LU/Z, VK0, VP8 etc.). It seems most likely that only unambiguous prefix assigned to Antarctica is ZL5 and FT#Y (# = any number), however ZL5 seems more easy to handle. Therefore all my records of Antarctica were changed to ZL5.


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