CQRLOG 1.3.2 - TRX control testing

Long time a go, I found a pascal binding for Hamlib. It was not working, so I did some changes to get it work. My TS-930SAT and FT817 worked without any problem. Unfortunately many CQRLOG users had problem with TRX control. Radio didn't read/send freq, program randomly hangs. Finally, I decided to abandon the pascal binding and wrote small library that uses rigctld.

Latest addition to the country files - The Republic of South Sudan

The latest major addition to the country files is The Republic of South Sudan with the validity since July 14, 2011. It is the #341 on the current DXCC list with ADIF nr. 521. The position is focused to Juba, the capital.

As of 21 July, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) still has not announced a prefix block for the Republic of South Sudan. With high probability, the expedition team will use the license issued in March with the callsign of ST0R (Sierra Tango Zero Romeo) unless the ITU issues a new prefix. Due to this fact, the country files must be considered as provisional, however the ST0 prefix is counted as new country since July 13. The former ST0 prefix used for guest operations between 1995/01/01-2011/07/13 is terminated to July 13, 2011.

If ITU issues a new prefix block to the Republic of South Sudan, only prefix will be changed and ST0R will be moved to the CallResolution.tbl. ST0 will be assigned again to the gest operations from Sudan.

NOTE that the former South Sudan (ST0) valid before 1995/01/01 remains as deleted country with the ADIF nr. 244. The current South Sudan is a brand new DXCC country for all!

Download the latest country files here.

New hamradio callbook

I've created new free hamradio callbook - http://www.hamqth.com. Since the owner of one popular server decided to hide all addresses until you are not registered, I decide to write my own.

You can also register to our server, edit or add your own address, write some biography details, put photos here etc. What is unique, you can choose if your address or other contact details will be shown also to unregistered users. It is your choice, not my. I won't hide your address or any details. Only you can do that.


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