Country files update

Here is another major country files update including bug fix of portable calls in Argentina, Chubut (LU/W), a huge update of GB, TO, TX, UE, US posessions and Antarctic stations and an updated list of ambiguous prefixes. Users with automated updates do not need to download this archive separately, it is intended for users performing all updates manually.

CQRLOG 1.5.4 released!

This is only bug fix release. I added MASTER.SCP file. If you already have installed version 1.5.3, please follow how-to from CX1FK posted here:
Updated 2013-02-25 05:20 UTC - all files are available in download section. Packages for Precise Quantal are in my personal repo on Launchpad (how to add my ppa is described in download section).

CQRLOG 1.5.3 released!

This is the first release after I moved from Ubuntu to Kubuntu. KDE works very well and I'm happy with it. Packages are uploaded to Launchpad, building 64bit version starts in next 4 hours, 32bit version in about 20 minutes. Please be patient. Changelog and more detail in download section.


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