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CQRLOG and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I have great news! Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is going to be released on April 17th with CQRLOG 1.7.3. This a big step ahead, latest release also had CQRLOG but it didn't work at all. Look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cqrlog/1.7.3-1

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CQRLOG 1.7.3 released!

This version fixed very important bug - TRX and rotor control didn't work. I'm sorry for inconvenience. More in Download section.

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CQRLOG 1.7.2 released!

New version fixed a few bugs and added three new features. Nothing very important (except bugfixes) but makes CQRLOG more user friendly. This version was realsed so soon because I want to have it in incoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. More in Download section.
Launchpad is going to start building packages in a few minues, please be patient.

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CQRLOG in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - please help

The Debian Freeze deadline to Ubuntu 14.04 is very close. Because Ubuntu 14.04 is LTS (long therm support), I'd like to fix as many bugs as possible. If you find any bug, please let me know and I'll try to fix it ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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CQRLOG 1.7.1 released!

It has been 14 days since the last release and we have new version again. There are a few bugs fixed and two new features added. This version is released so early because I hope it could get to new Ubuntu LTS. More in Download section.
Launchpad is going to start building packages in about one hour. Please be patient.

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CQRLOG 1.7.0 released!

This version has one feature requested by many users - online log upload. It supports HamQTH, ClubLog and HRDLog.net. I've been using HamQTH upload for a week or two and it works very well. How to enable and set online log upload is described in updated help files. There are also o few more new features and lot of bugfixes. More in download section.

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Changes in the QSL Managers Database

Further analysis shows that QSL routes are used mostly once, in the month of publishing. Very few hams looking for older data and the need of QSL Routes older than 4 years is negligible. Therefore, a huge database of QSL Routes with records older than a decade is an overkill. Growing number of LoTW confirmations and eQSL records results in a lowered importance of QSL Route info. Since Jan. 1, 2014, the database used in CQRlog is trimmed, all records older than January 2011 are removed.

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Winkeyer USB server 0.4.0 released!

New version is ready to download from Winkeyer USB download section. I added the source code to GitHub and created binaries for 32 and 64bit architectures. More features will be added to next release.

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CQRLOG 1.6.1 released!

After two months we have new version ready to download. I've fixed a few bugs, some of them were very annoying - bandmap lags when bandmap was full of dx cluster spots. Also problems with slow QSL managers/DXCC tables import should be fixed. More in download section

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CQRLOG 1.6.0 released

Finally, we have new version available. New version should be released last weekend but unfortunately didn't work in Ubuntu 13.10 at all. The problem was in band map functions and I had to rewrite it from the beginnig. New version has quite long changelog. More in download section


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