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CQRLOG 2.0.5 has been released

After two months we have new version! There are no big changes in the code, only two new features and a few bugs fixed. We also have the cqrlog icon back! DEB packages for Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial, Yakkety and Zesty are ready on Launchpad. If you are using my personal PPA, new version will be part of system updates.
More information in Download section.

CQRLOG 2.0.4 has been released

There was even version 2.0.3 but it didn't work either and I had to release 2.0.4 :(. This version should fix probably the worse bug in CQRLOG history. This September CQRLOG will celebrate 10 years anniversary and also this kind of bug the same year :(.
Problem is, LoTW file now has more than 100k of callsigns. There were a bug, that caused crash after read more callsigns. I have no idea what I did many years ago when I developed that feature why I did the mistake. I'm very sorry.

I'm back!

I'm sorry, that it took long time to reply to your posts in the forum. I have some health problems and still have to relax a lot. I can spend only very limited time with a computer, I get tired very soon. Also, have to reply to almost 400 unread emails. It will take some time. I'm very sorry.

Membership lists maintainers wanted!

CQRLOG can now track up to 100 different memberships. It is simply impossible for me to maintain all these membership lists so we need a maintainer who is willing to be responsible for a particular membership list. Actually I maintain on regular basis following lists only: FOC, FOC Names, CWOPS, A1-Club, LIDS, HSC, VHSC, SHSC and EHSC. I can hardly do more. Other lists are very old and unmaintained. More - see the Membership lists menu item.


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